Be Happy

Leah and I were sitting together in her room this morning looking around on Facebook to see what’s going on with her friends. We came across this blog post written by Helen C. Escott, a hilarious blogger now turned author who is also living in Newfoundland. She talked about how she misses Facebook positivity. Cat videos, cute pictures of kids, etc. There are too many posts these days about negative things like Trump and… diarrhea. First of all, ew! Secondly, I agree with her about this. Every time Leah and I look on Facebook, there’s almost always someone posting something about Trump or how bad a day they’re having or something else negative. I want to see more happy posts, like the ones I put out! I am a very happy and positive dragon! I choose to focus on the good things in life. In two years of living with Leah, I’ve had so many cool adventures!

Riding the Merry-Go-Round at the Avalon Mall!
Having a Picnic at Manual’s River
Giving a speech at St. John’s City Hall!


And I’ve met a lot of cool people!

I got to see “Next To Normal” last May at the LSPU Hall! After the show I met one of the stars, Kelly-Ann Evans!
Darrin Martin and I after his concert at the Holy Heart Theatre! He let me try on his Elton John glasses! I think I look really cool!
Leah took her best friend Peter to see James Taylor in concert as an early Birthday present and I got to go with them! Peter and I got a picture taken together after the show.
During the intermission of James Taylor’s concert I met him!!!

I love sharing my adventures with people on Facebook and now here on my blog! I hope that seeing what I’m up to will bring a smile to people’s faces. That I think is what Facebook should be about, sharing the good things and making people smile! I wish more people could think like that and refrain from posting so much negativity on Facebook! I understand that everyone has bad days, even me, but no one needs to know about your diarrhea!!!



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